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Product Engineer (Frontend-biased)



Software Engineering, Product
London, UK
Posted on Tuesday, August 15, 2023

About Metaview

Metaview is the anti-toil company. Toil is the force that opposes progress — it is to progress as friction is to motion. Our answer to toil is Human-Computer Symbiosis.

AI copilots will fundamentally change how work gets done:

  • More flow-state, less toil.

  • More insight, less guesswork.

  • More human-centricity, less process-centricity.

Metaview is the AI copilot for hiring.

In April 2018, Siadhal and Shahriar left their jobs at Uber and Palantir to build Metaview for themselves — to remedy all the pain they felt building products and teams. Today, Metaview is powering workflows for thousands of users at generational companies like Quora, Robinhood, Brex, Elastic, and Replit.

We have a small, high-performing, and high-velocity team — obsessed with doing great work.

About the role

At Metaview, a Product Engineer is a customer-obsessed, product-focused Software Engineer. Fundamentally, this means a Product Engineer works towards goals, not tasks. As one of our first Product Engineers, you’ll lead the design, development, and operations of our products. We’re a small and autonomous team, so you’ll end up wearing many hats and having meaningful impact.

A Product Engineer is by necessity full stack, but we appreciate everyone has their biases and areas of expertise. For this role, we're looking for frontend bias. You'll spend most of your coding cycles on the frontend but you may have to touch other parts of the stack to unblock yourself and maintain high velocity.

It doesn’t matter what languages and tools you know when you join us, but it does matter that you can write clean, effective code and are excited by learning new languages and tools. Our product is constantly evolving, so we need engineers who can do the same. Our current stack consists of tools and technologies such as:

  • Typescript and React to write our frontend application code.

  • Python to write our backend application code.

  • Serverless Framework for creating and managing our application infrastructure.

  • Terraform for managing the foundational infrastructure.

  • AWS for all of our infrastructure.

We expect you’ll also be a significant part of what gets added to and removed from this list.

About you

Here are some characteristics and traits that are good leading indicators of success at Metaview. This should also give you an idea of the type of people that are already on the team:

  • You're fiercely ambitious and fundamentally interested in doing great work.

  • You're passionate about your craft and it feels weird to call it "work".

  • You care deeply about customer needs, the problems they face, and therefore the products you can build to solve them.

  • You’re excited by the ambiguous terrain that comes with being part of an early-stage company.

  • You love building/shipping and are curious about starting your own company one day.

  • You get fired up by the fact that our most valuable asset is our velocity.

  • You enjoy shipping on Fridays.